E Hill & Son are very pleased to announce that Matthew Jackson has passed, with distinction, the Diploma in Funeral Service. The Diploma is a course that teaches and tests the candidate in all aspects of funeral work and is externally accredited by the University of Greenwich. It takes about twelve months of study, whereby the student has to complete five modules consisting of four and five units.  These units are marked by an assessor of the British Institute of Funeral Directors and the student has to achieve at least 60% to pass a module. They also have to write several reports on funeral experience based topics, again having to achieve a 60% pass rate.  At the end of all this, the student sits a written and oral examination to test the knowledge they have learned.

Matt has done extremely well and we are very proud of him. It wasn’t easy for him during his study time, as he had to contend with the death of his father in law and moving house, two very emotional tasks. But this achievement proves how dedicated he is to his job and what a valuable asset he is going to be for E Hill & Son Funeral Directors.

Matthew has followed in the historic footsteps of Edwin, Richard & Paula Hill, all diploma holders. Edwin believed that to study and gain qualifications in his profession would enable him to better serve the families that entrusted him to look after their loved ones. An example that E Hill & Son lives up to up today.