What to do when a death occurs

flowersWhat happens if a relative dies at home?

In the event of a death taking place at home, the first person to contact should be the doctor who has been treating the deceased during their last illness. If the death happens out of normal working hours it may not be possible for the GP to attend, the doctor who is on duty would normally respond.

It may be that the death was expected and that the doctor does not feel it necessary to attend the house. However, permission must be obtained from the doctor before we will bring your loved one to our premises. Once permission has been granted please feel free to contact us at any time.

What happens if my relative dies in hospital?

If the death takes place in the hospital your relative is normally moved by the hospital porters to their on site mortuary. They will rest there until the necessary paperwork has been completed which will then allow us to bring them to our chapel of rest. In this situation, please feel free to contact us in normal working hours.

What happens if a relative dies in a nursing home?

When this happens the nursing home would take the responsibility of obtaining permission and making the arrangements for your relative to be moved to our chapel of rest. You need to make the nursing home aware that you would like E Hill & Son Funeral Directors to look after the arrangements.

What happens in the case of a sudden death?

If the deceased person has not been treated by a doctor for an illness in the last fourteen days, this is classed as a sudden death. All sudden deaths must be reported to the Coroner. This can be done by calling the police, who in turn call their own police surgeon to attend and confirm the death. The police would send an officer to take a statement from anybody who was present at the death, confirming the identity of the deceased. The officer would then call a funeral director to move the deceased to the nearest coroner’s mortuary. The funeral director who attends is selected by the Coroner but it is still your choice as to which funeral director you contact to make the funeral arrangements.

If you have any questions about what you should do when a loved one passes away or would like more information please contact us at any time on 01386 552141.